UGA, You Really Have Nothing to Brag About
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Let's face it, it's a proud day for Georgia. We are finally sending a team to resprent us in the SEC Championship, but seriously, that is nothing to brag about. Especially in a season where the SEC East has been at its weakest moment since the conference was divided into East and West in 1992. Let's take a look at the overall season for UGA.

While UGA played Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and Auburn from the west, the other East teams faced LSU, Alabama, and Arkansas during their season. Overall, UGA had the weakest schedule out of everyone in the East. South Carolina played Arkansas, Florida played both LSU and Alabama (back to back), Tennessee had the toughest, they played Alabama, Arkansas, and LSU, Vanderbuilt played Alabama and Arkansas, and even Kentucky played LSU.

I have had to laugh at some of the fans. They are running around bragging about how the team had 9 straigh victories. This is your first time since 1980, not exactly something to brag about. That is a normal season for Florida, LSU, Alabama and recently South Carolina. For teams like Auburn, Arkansas, and Tennessee it's expected and a goal.

The other false statement I heard from the talking heads at UGA. UGA is going to the SEC Championship for the 4th time in the last 10 years, more than any other SEC school. If LSU beats Arkansas this coming Saturday, it will be their 5th trip in the last 10 years. Let's go ahead and look at the history of the SEC Championship, Florida OWNS it. Florida has been 10 times and won 7, Alabama 7 times with 3 wins, Tennessee 5 times with 2 win, LSU 4 (working on their 5th) with 3 wins, Auburn 4 trips with 2 wins, Arkansas is 0-3, South Carolina and Mississippi State are 0-1. UGA has been 3 times with 2 wins.

Of all the trips to the SEC Championship, Florida has 3 National Titles, Alabama and LSU have 2 National Titles, Tennessee and Auburn have 1 National Title. UGA's highest ranking after winning the SEC Championship has been #4. This year, UGA will be lucky to break the top 10, even if they manage to pull off an upset over whichever SEC West team they face. Of course they still have to face Georgia Tech.

Let's face it, Georgia Tech is no push over. Both UGA and Georgia Tech have had inconsistancies in their play this season (more so with Tech). This coming Saturday's game is going to depend on who shows up. If UGA comes out like they did against Kentucky, it's going to be a very long day for them. If Tech comes out like they did against Miami, it'll be a long day for Tech. If they both show up, it'll be the State of Georgia's version of the LSU - Alabama game. If they both come out sour (UGA - Kentucky, and Tech - Miami), expect UGA to drop in the polls. Of course if UGA loses to Tech, UGA will not crack the top 10, even if they beat the SEC West representative.

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reb7771 commented on Monday, Nov 21, 2011 at 10:12 AM

There has been improvement this year over last year. That was the goal, and that goal has been met. Either you are a Georgia fan or you're not. No middle ground. Yes or no. Fans know what the flaws are in our team. Georgia doesn't make their schedule. They play the teams they are told to play per the schedule. Sounds like your beef is with the NCAA.........GOOOOOOOOOO DAWGS!!!

cpsmith commented on Monday, Nov 21, 2011 at 10:39 AM

For once I agree, you either are or are not a fan. It's one thing to be proud of your team, but before you puff out your chest too far and cross that line from being proud to bragging, you need to look at the big picture and take everything into consideration. If you play a tough schedule in order to get to where you are, then I'll step back and let you go about bragging, but when you play a schedule that is equivalent to one from the Big East, there really is no room to brag.

Ordinarilly, the East is just as strong as the West. The NCAA has nothing to do with how coaching puts together their team. This is a year when Florida is under a new head coach and their offense is rebuilding. Tennessee with Dooley has yet to gel. South Carolina collapsed because Spurrier stood up to the actions of one of his top players and kicked him off the team, and their top player had a season ending injury. As a side note to Spurrier, if Richt would kick off the players that were constantly violating the laws of this state and the team rules, he wouldn't be able to field a team.

Should UGA pull off an upset at the Dome against the SEC West opponent, have it, brag away. That victory will truelly be a tremendous feat.

reb7771 commented on Saturday, Mar 17, 2012 at 13:32 PM


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