I came through anorexia

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The fact is that I came through anorexia and attempts to deprive myself of the body. Frankly speaking I’ve never had excess weight loss, but after someone told the phrase that my thighs didn’t fit my mini skirt, I suddenly came to hate the food, myself and of course fat itself.
I started a way to exterminate the hated fat and body with the same methods, which make some many girls skinny and unhealthy simultaneously. Then I had a kind of mental disorder, then I started practicing forced vomiting, drinking laxatives. You will be impressed but I was very happy when my bones made a noise, and when I was called a puny little thing, even a skeleton, even all skin and bones!
But when I realized that in this life I have nothing that can please me, my mind and thoughts lived for searching ways how to lose weight quickly (or how not to get fat), I decided that I WANT TO LIVE!!!!!! Afterwards everything started!
At first, it was not easy, at all! I have almost atrophied digestive organs; a lot of time and effort were spent on the restoration of the body. For a long time, I had been having awful pains and spasms in the stomach and bowels. Nevertheless, the most painful was the fact that I started to gain weight! I gained 14 pounds of 6 pounds, which I tried to drop during almost 3 years (!), and from my normal weight 110-112 pounds I put on 8 pounds more. You see, it is like 2 times more than I dropped suffering all day and night long. Then fortunately, my weight reduced to 115 again, though I ate everything in unlimited amounts. Of course, I would like to lose a couple of pounds, and return to my normal weight, but my goal is that my body made it independently. My task is only to help it by a regular diet (by all products without exception) in small portions not to overload my dear paunch and just simply to listen and to do what my body tells me. That's the whole secret.
P.S. By the way despite the fact that I gained a few extra pounds, I had so many admirers that it just blows my mind. I feel that it is like I just attract male sex of any age and social class. Actually, I didn’t have any problems with lovers before too, but now guys are just pursuing me! So girls, do not be afraid to be a little bit plump sometimes!

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