Socialism like Cancer, Destroys American Values
Conservative Retired National Accounts Coordinator

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Fellow Conservatives,

Like many of you who endured one of the worst Presidential
Inaugurations in recent memory this past Monday,I was 100% disgusted with what I saw and heard. I don't know if any of you noticed that when President Obama took the Oath of Office from the Chief Justice,a critical part of the Oath was left out. The part that was left out was "From all enemies foreign and Domestic", in relation to defending The Constitution. What a gaff by The Chief Justice!! Vice-President Biden"s Oath was correct, so why not The President? Are you kidding me?? Go back and watch it again. You will be shocked!

Then we had to listen to another female speaker leave God out of her remarks in relation to quotes of The Pledge of Allegiance. She said " One Nation, indivisible, with liberty and Justice for all". What happened to "under God"? Did somebody change the Pledge, while I went out to the grocery store to get additional tablets of Pepto Bismol to help me get through the rest of this horrible event? How dare she try to remove GOD from the Pledge!!! Who does she think she is? Whoever approved this speech on the President's staff should be fired right now! What an insult to all Americans who love this country!

Then we were subjected to a openly Gay Poet Laureate spewing one Twilight Zone rambling after another, while apparently we were supposed to pretend to understand what the heck he was rambling on about. Where did they get this guy from? He made me sick! That is all I can say.

You would think after all that Left-Wing propaganda, The President might consider saving what was left of the event, and at least try to act Presidential in some small way! Think again my Conservative friends! The President was just getting started! Instead of making any kind of attempt to speak to his ideas on bringing this divided nation together, he simply continued to spew his brand of Left-Wing Socialist nonsense, at a record pace. Gun control, liberal Immigration reform, Liberal Collectivism, Wealth Envy,("You didn't build it mentality"), and of course the ever popular "Global Warming" propaganda. Not one word about how he plans to reduce govt. spending to control the deficit, which has now reached $16.4 TRILLION DOLLARS!! That's $50K worth of debt for EVERY American. How many generations will be saddled with this albatross around their collective necks!! How many?? How much longer can America afford to continue on the road to ruin, by carrying this unprecedented debt,and out of control spending??

Is ANYBODY from either Political Party AWAKE with a PULSE in Washington??? Does anyone in the REPUBLICAN PARTY still CARE about AMERICA?? Is there ANYONE in the CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN PARTY in Congress who will STAND UP to this Socialist President and say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?? Is ANY REPUBLICAN LEADER willing to stand up and just say,"STOP SPENDING MONEY WE DON"T HAVE" Mr. PRESIDENT!! STOP IT NOW!!

While I am saddened to have to say this as a Conservative Republican, I have seen very little effort expended by Conservative Republicans to simply draw a line in the sand, and refuse to budge! The President MUST STOP SPENDING MONEY WE DON'T HAVE!!! I really don't care whether those in Congress get re-elected again or not, based on their personal politics, or who might get the "BLAME" for taking a stand for the American people.Personal Political Survival of members of Congress is not my concern. I care about the health and well being of America as a number 1 priority! Further, Mr. and Mrs. Congressman and Senator, you work for The American People, not the other way around! Start earning the paychecks that taxpayers provide to you and your families, and get this crazy spending under control now!! That is YOUR JOB as a Conservative member of Congress. Stand up to this President and say " Enough is Enough" stop the Spending"!!!

The Constitution of The United States of America is BIGGER, and more IMPORTANT than The Presidency of OBAMA, or how he will be remembered. The survival of our Republic and the Democracy that represents it, is THE most important thing that deserves our attention, period! Our Founding Fathers were wise indeed, when they crafted The Constitution. They knew that someday, forces and foreign elements would attempt to change our way of life, by reducing our freedoms guaranteed within its pages,and by trying to expand government control over every aspect of our daily lives. We can not, and must not allow this to happen, under any circumstances. We as Conservative Americans, must stand up and be counted, as we protect this great nation from the Cancer of Socialism, that attempts to destroy 200+ years of prosperity.

It has been said that every great spiritual revival starts with the sound of ONE VOICE, and ONE IDEA, no matter how small. It starts with one person standing up and saying "Enough is Enough". It starts with the belief that we must return to God The Father, and ask First for HIS FORGIVENESS, and then PRAY for HIS BLESSINGS on America. If we continue to shut GOD out of our lives, we will pay a high price as a nation. Wake up America! Look around!! What do you see, and what are you willing to do to save our Nation? Do we stay on this destructive path of fiscal insanity, or do we stand up and say.... GOD PLEASE HELP US!!

One small voice, one idea that grows, One Nation under GOD, now and forever! Will you raise your voice?

Until Next Time........ From The Conservative Corner

DuWayne Anderson
Conservative Republican Voter
Winder, GA

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