NO Amnesty Deals for Illegal Aliens
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My Fellow Conservatives,

I realize that the subject of how to solve the illegal immigration situation in our nation,is one of the most polarizing and divisive issues that I can recall in recent
memory. This topic has divided our nation for decades. More importantly,it has inflamed an already strained relationship between The Conservative Right, the Liberal Left
in America.

Be that as it may, as a Conservative Republican who believes in the Constitution,as well as the rule of law, I must point out, that The United States of America is a Nation of
Laws. Without laws, America would be worse that a Third World Country. Without Laws, America would have no moral foundation, or values. In short, we would become a nation of chaos. The Founding Fathers were wise indeed in understanding how important the rule of law would be for the future generations of America.

If you listen to The Left-Wing segment of The Democratic Party, they will try to convince you that it will be easier to deal with all of the illegal aliens, by simply dreaming up a quick and clean Amnesty program, providing a path to U.S. Citizenship with little or no accountability for breaking U.S. Immigration Laws. In other words, what they contend is that it is cheaper to just let them stay and become citizens, than to enforce existing U.S. Immigration Laws. Better to save a few bucks, than to do what is called for under the law. Actually, that is a pretty slick plan, if you believe in Socialist Fairy Tales........ I don't!

Are these Socialist lunatics for real? Are you kidding me? Do our laws mean nothing! Are they just for show, with no substance, or consequences for those who decide to break them? What's next? Letting murderers go free after being convicted, because it's cheaper?? Letting a drunk driver who kills an entire family,off the hook, because it is cheaper to pay for rehab???

In short, the answer is NO! The fact of the matter is that if you come into the United States of America illegally, from ANY country, you have knowingly broken U.S. Immigration Law. No if's and's or but's. You broke the Law. It doesn't matter if 10 million of your closest friends did the same thing or not. Numbers, no matter how high, do not justify or somehow excuse you for what you did! The fact that you also decided to have a few children while you were here, also is NOT an excuse. Once you crossed that border illegally, you are a wanted person for violating U.S. Immigration Law!

There is only one way to become a U.S. Citizen. Follow the procedures required by U.S. Immigration Law. Get in line, do the work, then you too can become a Citizen of The United States of America! There is only 1 legal way to solve the Illegal Immigration problem in this country. ENFORCE THE LAW!
Secure our borders, whatever it takes! Find and deport all Illegal Aliens back to the country(s) from which they came, That includes any and all children that were born also. Children who grew up and slipped through the cracks, and are found to be in higher education institutions should also be removed immediately. Let the countries like Mexico, who could care less about how many illegal aliens from their country flood into the United States do their job, and take care of their own, as any decent government should do!

The United States is not some dumping ground for the unwanted peoples of this world, that governments don't want
or care about! We welcome all who want to become a citizen of The United States of America, as long as they are willing to abide by OUR LAWS, and regulations!

It is time for our government to send a clear message to any country who allows their citizens to enter The U.S. illegally, that we will no longer tolerate that kind of behavior. It is time for all in Congress to stop turning a blind eye to this problem. Secure our borders now! Spare me the nonsense about not having enough money. Just do it! Deport any and all illegal aliens from this nation, back to where they originated, so that their home countries can take responsibility for them! Once they are deported, then they can apply for citizenship like everyone else has to do!

Finally, I call on all Republicans in The House and in The Senate to demand and end to any talk of amnesty for Illegal Aliens. Enforce our Laws! Secure our Borders, Defend the Constitution! Protect America!

Until Next Time..... From The Conservative Corner,

DuWayne Anderson,
Conservative Republican Voter,
Winder, GA

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